Rosanna Hrabnicky
National Sponsorship Manager & Group Manager

Rosanna oversees sponsorship development and sales for Marketplace Events home and garden shows in North America and management of the Ohio home shows. With over 25 years of sales & marketing experience she is responsible for the development of customized, mutually beneficial sponsorship programs designed to maximize her client's return on investment.

Phone: 440.591.6974

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Cathy Berthold
Senior Exhibit Sales Consultant

Cathy Berthold began her business career at the age of 15 while working in the offices of an upscale residential decorating and cleaning company.   After earning a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio Cathy joined a global leader in staffing and Human Resource solutions where she further honed her marketing and sales skills during her 20 year career as a contingency recruiter.   Throughout the years, Cathy has held various leadership roles with area Chambers of Commerce and nonprofit organizations.  In 2009, Cathy transitioned to join the Cleveland show team for the exciting 2010 launch of the Great BHGS.

Clients appreciate her sincerity, warmth and passion for providing exceptional service. Cathy attributes her natural ability to build rapport with others as a key component to her success and is proud to be a member of the team entrusted with the two annual I-X Center home shows.

Phone: 440.591.6961

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Rese Pardue
Senior Exhibit Sales Consultant

Rese brings over fourteen years of sales experience in both the Cleveland and Nashville markets. Her background is in management, training and technology sales leading her to join the Marketplace Events team in July 2010. Rese is a graduate from the College of Charleston in Charleston, S.C. with a major in Communications and concentration in Tourism & Hospitality.  She strives to create long term relationships with her clients and hopes to provide a premium experience for them as they exhibit with us each year.

Phone: 440.591.6977

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